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Sausage factory
August 19, 2010, 11:34 am
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(via Kirsty)

Can’t say anything cleverer than this today….

Read it. Remember it.

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So, tracking that back it seems it was created by a UK agency, Sell! Sell!, and seems to be basically just content created by them to push their business.

So, given the fact I doubt Brian exists and that this is instead little more than link bait, how is it really that relevant?

(Note, not saying there aren’t parts I agree with)

Comment by Warlach


the letter itself has no branding- I link back because I was brought up proper…

I don’t see it as irrelevant “because the author works for an agency”- I work for an agency and I’d like to think that that doesn’t discount my thinking here…and why can’t someone who works in advertising have an opinion about advertising? Or (for that matter) an advertising agency have an opinion about advertising? And tell people about it?

Anyways- I like it- you liked it.

Comment by katiechatfield

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Katie Chatfield and Katie Harris, Lisa Byrnes Whiting. Lisa Byrnes Whiting said: RT @katiechatfield: I really can't say anything cleverer than this today Read it. Remember it < read & locked in Thanks […]

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Warlach, it’s relevant because it hits a nerve and it’s bloody amusing.

Comment by Kirsty


Comment by katiechatfield

I’m just saying it’s not what it proports to be, a letter from someone outside of the Adland commenting on all that crap.

Comment by Warlach

it might be the correct assumption…but
you don’t know that- you’re assuming it

why not take your concern to the source?

Comment by katiechatfield

I would if I cared enough about the content, my point is rather why reblog stuff without tracing where it’s come from and providing context?

Comment by daemonlachlan

I did trace it back. The author is uncredited.

I blogged it because it made me think + it made me laugh.

I don’t need any other reason.

Comment by katiechatfield

[…] at Sell, Sell, Sell; via Candace; via Ben at ITIABTWC; via Kirsy at the Whistling Duck; via Get Shouty Katie; with hat tip to Johnnie for pinging his link to Facebook. And even when you follow the provenance […]

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I don’t believe him. He could have uploaded several videos of himself to the sausage people in the time it took to draft that letter.

Maybe Brian would like to tell me what flavour soda he is. People simply love to identify with product extensions.

Diet Cherry.

Comment by Todd

good to see your ‘bounder and a cad’ radar is still finely honed cobber….

Comment by katiechatfield


Comment by Karen

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