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Safety spotlight
August 13, 2019, 10:34 am
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This is a beautiful Twitter thread on leadership, found on the ever delightful swiss miss.

I like the tension and the glorious space for exploration in between notions of how how we turn up, and how we turn up for others.

I’m currently trying to create a deep rail to change the  “Today I have to…” conversation to “Today I get to….” The greatest thing I get to do is see ideas born and made by flowering talents. I want to build my focus to “just be present and be a spotlight for others” and let them know it’s their time on the stage and that it’s their time to shine.

The thread examines how this crafts safety in a team. While the hothouse of an agency doesn’t fight death on the line (or it shouldn’t: “It’s PR not ER!) I can’t help but hope that the approach can afford more breathing space to let ideas live. 


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