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‘Like’ baiting and hot triggers
January 12, 2011, 11:59 am
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A lovely piece of work from the Soap Creative team.

This isn’t the holy grail; but rather a road-tested ’cheat sheet‘ for quick wins on your Facebook page

Click on any of the images to link directly to the Fan pages they’re referencing.

It reminds me of the work of Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab.

They infer that to change human behavior you must merge three factors into one moment: motivation, ability, and triggers—e.g., prompts and calls to action. Essentially:

”Put hot triggers in the path of motivated people”.

Defining a hot trigger as something one can take immediate action on, this concept easily translates to the world of online marketing tactics such as “Click this link, hit this button to share, or enter your information here.”

Or “like” bait.

The trigger is characterized as hot because you can take this action now, versus cold triggers, which are calls to actions you can’t act upon immediately.


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I am following most of this to the letter in starting my company Facebook page. Soaps tips seem sound, I’ll let you know how effective they are after a few months…

Comment by Oscar

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