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June 23, 2008, 9:45 am
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Blogger Joseph Jaffe jabs big marketers.

Nothing aggravates bloggers like Joseph Jaffe more than marketers that employ fakery, manipulation and heavy-handed lawyers in their social-media interactions with consumers. He recently spoke at ANA’s Integrated Marketing conference in New York City. Ad Age was there to cover the conference and was nice enough to put this edit together. This video contains eight minutes of his remarks at the recent Association of National Advertisers’ Integrated Marketing Conference.

Do not think that Australian marketers have learned their lessons from overseas mistakes. Recently every single one of the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers lists was pitch slapped by Naprogesic.

Sara Goldstein, creator of many successful enterprises including the Bargain Queen and Laurel Papworth (creator of trouble and wonderful mischief… oh and the very readable Silkcharm) were both sent this letter:

[Insert Auto generated header here]

We would like to invite you to join our new site: A Pampered Life (“APL”) which is an online community, where you can share your knowledge, experiences, tips and advice.

A Pampered Life is brought to you by Naprogesic. There are many great blog articles to read and to comment on such as: health, fashion, travel, relationships and much more. A Pampered Life also features the latest events. You can also add your own events, upload photos and enter great competitions.

Each month there is a new theme. The theme for June is financing for women in relation to financial year end. There are great articles on budgeting, financial goal setting, and much more.

We would love your contributions and stories to A Pampered Life. Please find below an editorial calendar for the next six months and a consumer press release.

By joining our community you will be able to gain further exposure for [insert URL of women blogger here] via links to your site from A Pampered Life. You will also have the opportunity to share your thoughts and advice with like-minded women.

As one of the top 100 female bloggers in the country, we would greatly value your contribution to our new community. Similarly, if you like some of the articles we have on our site, feel free to reference our content on your blog with a link back to APL.

To join our online community visit

If you have any questions regarding A Pampered Life please forward them to the Editor Candice Steffensen

With warm regards,
Candice Steffensen

Sara responds here and Laurel here….(where there’s quite a shouty comment from me).

How much money is appropriate for brand to spend to make connected content creators, who are influencers and their target market, to achieve a negative swing on brand preference . What’s the ROI on dumbass?

A community is built on value exchange. The reason you’d contact bloggers is to promote this between the communities held in trust by the authors and the site you’re building-have a bloody good reason why the blogger should shill what they’ve built over years for your brand.

And remember if you don’t they will call shennanigans on you. And every dollar you’ve spent is a lost opportunity and an increase in brand aversion.

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Unbelievable. Can’t decide if it’s laziness, cluelessness or something else.

Comment by Joseph Jaffe

Brilliant article Katie! There are already so many messages around the bloggosphere sharing all about “the right frequency”, that persisting into “pushing bloggers” like that has become really shocking -from a strictly professional pov-. How much does it cost a marketer to “listen” first… for the sake of his/her brand?

Comment by Luc Debaisieux

“ROI on dumbass”?

Well you can piss off everyone who might’ve said something good about your brand if you do a ‘good’ enough job… 😉

Comment by Sara Goldstein

You can see the cogs turning in someone’s mind on this one:

Social network (high five!) for women…check! Get women bloggers to contribute…check! Send out an “invite” to all 100…check!

Comment by Dirk Singer

Agree 100% – PRs who want to help not hinder online community relations really do need to lurk more, contribute more, and say no (nicely) to clients who push for “push”.

Comment by Lesley White

[…] Us girls stick together. I wonder if Katie Chatfield has anything to say on this? EDIT: Of course she does. And Joseph Jaffe from JaffeJuice […]

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