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November 26, 2013, 9:02 pm
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Trying out the lovely Haiku deck….

These are my notes from a breakfast meeting with the lovely Megan Brownlow from PwC.

She spoke about their interesting report: PwC’s NextGen: A global generational study, Millennial Workers Want Greater Flexibility, Work/Life Balance, Global Opportunities

This comprehensive and global generational study conducted by PwC, the University of Southern California and the London Business School looks into the aspirations, work styles and values of “Millennial”/”Generation Y” employees (those born between 1980 and 1995).

The study, which included more than 40,000 responses from Millennials and non-Millennials alike, captures the various forces at play that are influencing the experience of Millennials. These include: workplace culture, communication and work styles, compensation and career structure, career development and opportunities and work/life balance.

I followed with these notes on how the existing behaviors and first language of millennial employees can be harnessed to meet both their needs and that of their employers.


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Looks like I REALLY want you to fully leverage technology….I think that’s a wee bug in the system right now….

Comment by katiechatfield

hmm- quite a few bugs.
My unpretty notes:
• Collaboration, Community, Connectedness
o Collaboration- work with people- their desire to be able to work any device anywhere with anyone
o Community- belonging and purpose driven
o Connectedness and productiviy

• The changing role of IC
o One of the most commonly cited roles for the internal communications function is that of developing employee commitment, involvement and engagement in support of the achievement of business goals
o Internal Comm challenge has always been to make information interesting now…“Companies need to adopt an approach that engages workers and pulls them in, rather than simply have technology pushed onto them” Gartner analysts report, 2013

• The move from formal and broadcast to informal and participatory
o “All businesses have always been social; what’s new is the set of observable behaviors and available technologies that enable businesses to leverage these to solve business problems.” GIL YEHUDA, DIRECTOR AT OPEN SOURCE AT YAHOO! INC
o Marc Benioff, CEO of, has used the phrase to define organizations that are pioneering a new level of connectivity within the corporate world. Made possible through cloud computing, the social enterprise mirrors personal social networks like Facebook that leverage the social grid to share information and ideas. Businesses are extending this familiar model to establish a similar synergy between their employees, customers and business partners — thus, employing a new social enterprise.

o “By 2016- yes that’s only three years away- enterprise social netowrks will become the primary communication channels for noticing, deciding and acting on information relevant to work activities (Gartner analysts reproot 2013
o However, Gartner also believes that between now and the end of 2015, 80 per cent of social network efforts within the enterprise will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership and overemphasis on technology Gartner analysts report, 2013 #mkicomm
o “By 2015, the 20% of enterprises employing social media beyond marketing will lead their industries in revenue growth.” GARTNER, SOCIAL IS HERE – WHERE’S THE ROI?
• How?
o Ladder up involvement to drive commitment and engagement
 Not involving with customers (a valid goal for some but not for everyone) e.g. Twelpforce, Home Depot
 Involved in the purpose of the company
• Clear understanding and behaviours that support each individual’s role in delivering the reason to be of the organisation
 Involved with their work
 Involved with their colleagues
o Develop participatory narratives- stories
 (I make) so many sites, characters, projects and initiatives comes from a strong belief in the fact that people love series , episodes and chapters, that there is a beginning a middle and an end. People love a good cliff hanger, a tangent in a story line, the villain and the hero. They are sad when “season one” is over, but get all excited when “season two” kicks [in] but what they really love is to be involved in making stuff happen. What does Marcus know that you don’t? (Marcus Brown)
o Have a plan- a strategy a key objective, focus areas, and priorities
 “Too often, companies implement social software without clear business objectives or a strategy for making an impact on organisational performance. These efforts typically fail.” DELOITTE , SOCIAL SOFTWARE FOR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE
o Design for participation not just broadcast- Beliefs attitudes and behaviours- set goals here
o Develop rules of engagement- roles for toolkit of channels and rules for participation across audiences
o Curate not dictate

Comment by katiechatfield

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