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growing is forever
January 10, 2011, 2:42 pm
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It’s funny how we can only associate growing with pain. Take a couple of minutes to watch Jesse Rosten‘s lovely piece above. Maybe if we all took things a little more slowly…..

Philosophy helps. From Thinking Aloud:

Philosophy, as the great American philosopher Stanley Cavell puts it, is the education of grownups.

It is my view that philosophy must form part of the life of a culture. It must engage the public and influence how a culture converses with itself, understands itself, talks to other cultures and seeks to understand them. It has been enormously gratifying to see this pursuit flourishing in today’s agora — the virtual one — confronting, engaging and even embracing the fluid, ambiguous and frenetic nature of the electronic public realm.

But more importantly, this paragraph reminds me of meals around my family table growing up:

… philosophy is a shared activity, it is dialogue. And dialogue is not the simple exchange of opinions, where I have my faith, my politics and my God and you have yours. That is parallel monologue. One of the goals of dialogue is to have our opinions rationally challenged in such a way that we might change our minds. True dialogue is changing one’s mind.

And growing.


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For me, growing is synonymous with learning…you will never stop doing it until you run out of breath and die.

Comment by Wes Towers

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