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not apologising for philosophising
December 23, 2010, 2:27 pm
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Tim Minchin’s stunning performance of his beat poem ‘Storm’ Eloquently and wittily honouring reason, science and life appreciation and debunking homeopathy, psychics, alternative medicine, religion etc.

Love Tim Minchin. Love.


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You’re much more creative rustling up interesting domain names but out of respect for your science fundamentalism. I have written a post dedicated to you.

It’s a compliment.

Comment by Charles Frith

Oh Charles- just because I like the form doesn’t mean I entirely buy the position.

I just love structured arguments. Premises refuted. I love that it’s funny. I love that it’s passionate. I love that it’s not dumbed down. There’s a few lines in there I’ll steal and call my own.

This one might be a little more to your liking…. mmm jubbly.

Comment by katiechatfield

This is explosive. Pure coincidence too.

Comment by Charles Frith


I’d still chose the door rather than the window on the second floor though.

Do you know what bunk science is called? Bunk.

Comment by katiechatfield

Charles, science is hard work. And lots of scientific claims will be found to have been wrong. But that doesn’t give people a free pass to say what they like.

Many claims about the world can be shown to be more or less true than other claims. The evidence for evolution is stronger than that for intelligent design or creationism. The evidence for the effectiveness of most vaccines is greater than that for homeopathy.

I’m a fan of the rationalism and skepticism that was a very hard won part of the Enlightenment. But then I was raised in an environment where free thought and inquiry was viewed with suspicion, where religious dogma always had to win against scientific inquiry. And that kinda sucked.

Comment by Matt Moore

The absence of quantum physics is amusing. Though I like his beat style, but not that he’s also cleverer than the girl which is a it like bullying no?

Comment by Charles Frith

Agreed that being cleverer is no different from being stronger….

It’s a stand up piece. And the only beat bit he performs.

I think his position is about people who parrot, who haven’t actually thought about what they’re saying. I wouldn’t call it a definitive treatment on, well anything really….

Comment by katiechatfield

If I were to walk up to someone three times my size and punch them, and they were to punch me back, could I say that the bigger person was bullying me?

Comment by Matt Moore

It’s both the door and the window with quantum mechanics.

I like your cleverer/stronger point.

Comment by Charles Frith

it could only both the window and the door in the quantum relm- on the atomic or sub atomic level. where there are no doors or windows….

Comment by katiechatfield

At the risk of being literal, quantum mechanics does not negate gravity. So I’m a little confused with the point being made here.

Comment by innotecture

You can observe the duality any time you wish.

I’m going to leave by the 800th floor. See you at ground zero.

Comment by Charles Frith

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