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one page brief
August 3, 2010, 1:51 pm
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A number of people have asked to see my one page brief.

Here it is:

To me the planner’s role in giving a creative brief to a team is to tell team a the story- set up the protagonist/ the consumer, outline  their obstacle and the part you have for them- the hero.

Give your story a beginning a middle and end. Allow the team to collaborate with you as you tell the story.

Show the landscape that the story takes place in (and how your choice of landscape drives the narrative).

It might look like this at the end:

But it won’t look like this:


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LOL. I think a lot of briefs I saw boiled down to your second example 🙂

Comment by Johnnie Moore

Hello Johnnie

I think what I’m trying to say is that what I’m trying to do as a creative strategist is insipe the creatives of multiple disciplines to collaborate around a central notion.

Really hard to facillitate that with a bit of paper.

So to further clarify- I think the team I work with get the most engaging, most effective, most integrated results when they know how that notion needs to build and grow over time (what and when and where and how)- and what experiences we might build to tell that story for the people we want to effect.

So….. the second example wasn’t a piece of paper- it was the detritus of an experience that 6 people had…

You can’t know exactly what happened at the party from the wreckage of the living room the next day. But you can get an indication about how much fun was had…..

Comment by katiechatfield

A party sounds a lot more fun. Actually, I was confessing to have written a lot of “blah blah blah” briefs (like your blue art) in my time!

Comment by Johnnie Moore

[…] I’ve written about my approach here on the notion of collaboration and the blank page one page brief […]

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