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July 9, 2010, 2:07 am
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The satisfaction we get from buying vacations, bikes for exercise and other experiences starts high and keeps growing. The initial high we feel from acquiring a flashy car or megascreen TV, on the other hand, trails off rather quickly, reports a new Cornell study, “that  shows experiences are better than possessions.”

I’m not really on board with having these two on opposite ends of a scale cause I think that I see people champion the handmade- a manifestation that comes as the result of experience.

Loving this piece by Mark Pollard on Why strategists should make stuff. The experience of making something, of creating something that didn’t exist except in your imagination is good for you and makes you a better person in all kinds of ways.

I’m in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico right now, so creating art is a big part of my day. I’m hanging out with my Dad (see him talking about his work here) and a whole bunch of  artist types who have spent their life making stuff, and  more than stuff, fine art: sculpture.

It brings to mind a bunch of fairly shouty conversations I’ve had with mates over recent creative award wins.*

The conversation started to turn a little with:

When will the industry realise we’re in the [at best] commercial art industry, not just art?!

I’m a big fan of creative, don’t get me wrong. But no-one gets to say ‘just art’ on my watch, or separate out the commercial drive of artists either.

Let’s get this straight: artists eat. Artists make money at what they do, because they make things that people want. I know the stories of Van Gogh and him not selling a painting and all, but widely known artists have patrons, take commissions, sell stuff and make a their living out of their work- or they’re just dabbling. Part of the process is learning how to ‘speak’ to people- how to create desire for the work, for the story.

Art is a  commercial industry.

If the output of advertising delivers neither results nor inspiration- it’s not art. It’s wank.

* (and to be fair, the company I work for Jack Morton Worldwide won a Silver Lion in the Film Craft category at Cannes Lions. Very Proud.  Click here to watch. Love this Fooseball one too ).


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