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creative briefs:pirates and treasure
July 6, 2010, 8:59 am
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The completely adorable Jasmin Cheng brings us this investigation on the effectiveness of the Creative Brief as a tool to generate brilliant advertising solutions.

She’s interviewed a whole bunch of really smart people and brought her conclusions to life with some of the most charming drawings I’ve seen in a while. One to watch….


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Ok, reading this from another perspective, the problem is not the brief, it’s the organisational structure around it. The structure is creating the perception of need.

You have people wearing strategy/creative/client badges and that sets everyone up to think separately from the start. This sounds like a great way to bake in inequality, set up for turf wars, and as you point out – create communication barriers.

On top of this, these teams usually operate in a hierarchy that leads to stifled creativity – the truth is anyone can have a great idea, not just the highest paid team member!

To be really challenging you need to unbuild the traditional agency model, build flexible teams, flatten hierarchies, open discussions.

One size/shape team does not fit all.

Comment by Charlie

Good read. Thanks for sharing it. I agree with Charlie’s comments. That is all.

Comment by markpollard

Hey Katie,

So sweet of you to put this on your blog! I miss you SOOOO much already.

And I love Charlie’s comments. No disagreement. In fact, that’s one of the big take aways for us here at Twist. Now if only we could get everyone at the partner level on board. 🙂

Comment by Sean

Thanks for sharing this presentation! And really enjoyed meeting you for the first time! Can’t wait to visit you in Australia!

Really loved Charlie’s comment. What I hoped to bring to light is the idea of rising above our traditional roles and approaching each opportunity creatively and collaboratively.

Comment by Jasmin

Hi Katie – thanks for sharing this insightful preso.

Seems like this has been an issue since I first started in the biz almost 18 years ago & not much has happened overall. Maybe because different agencies have different capabilities/perspectives so one answer is not realistic…especially when there are creative people involved.

One to ponder today…

Cheers & best,
kristin rohan

Comment by kristinrohan

[…] shared Jasmine Cheng’s delightful exploration here (and whoop! it’s had +125,000 views since it got […]

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