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human energy
July 3, 2010, 3:54 am
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Love the thinking here:

  • Thinking about it, the one thing I feel like we’re tasked with daily is to ‘change behaviour’. To get people to ‘do something that they’re currently not doing’.
    • Organisations spend a lot of energy trying to get people to spend their energy differently.
  • Let’s look at consumer energy first
    • Is it worth it? Is what they’re getting out of it worth the effort needed to participate?
  • That’s what it all comes down to… Reward vs effort what are we giving what do they have them? To do to get it?
  • Every day, billions of people do things whether you ask them to or not
    • How do you take advantage of the waves of human energy already out there
  • Eco-systems re-channeling existing energy
    • “When millions of people are tapping away at computers every day: filling in forms, clicking links, forwarding emails, there is energy and effort that can easily be re-used if we’re smart about it.”
  • Why fight against the current?
  • You shouldn’t have to… Persuade people to do things they don’t want to do waste energy when you can borrow it invest in something temporary, when you can build things that run themselves
  • Disrupt. Persuade. Help
  • It’s getting easier… To help people do the things they already love to help people see the relevance and value of new ideas to match products and experiences to the people that want them

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This reminds me of a strange meeting I had a few years ago for…let’s say a milk company. They wanted to INNOVATE with milk, create new and exciting milk drinks, milk lollies, milk perfume, milk shoes…
No one wanted to think that maybe people didn’t want to wear milk shoes, or wear milk perfume. No one wanted to explore what it was or wasn’t about milk that made people drink or not drink it. I think people sometimes like to do the crazy workshop shit because it’s easier to do a workshop, then say people in the organisation ignored the ideas; these ideas were ‘too disruptive’ for the organization and then do nothing rather than say, ‘actually, these ideas are crazy bat shit and they are too disruptive for people in general’. It seems easier to do that than to create something that is really useful or meaningful to peeps

Comment by Kelly

Milk shoes…mmm..that would go with these loafers

Comment by katiechatfield

Thanks for the post Katie. Been reading your blog for a long time. Nice to be featured 🙂

Comment by Andy

I’ve wanted to knick your stuff for ages Andy..thanks for sharing this

Comment by katiechatfield

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