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June 28, 2010, 11:39 pm
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I’m thinking about agency agility and crack content creation teams that have a newsroom editorial structure and publishing discipline.

This work by Chet– it’s a couple of years old, but its’ still pretty clever clogs.

I can’t help but think that all those notions of finding the story, getting the angle, getting it out the door in a day in a way that’s going to build an audience and get people watching as it all unfolds is an intriguing model to bring to our agency skill set.

When you combine the ultra topical with easily findable you might be onto a good thing.

I’m liking the question ‘what’s newsworthy?as a thought starter. It’s more than ‘what will generate Word of Mouth?’ ’cause it takes me to places where I think about: what can we report on? what will get us coverage? what’s the photo op? what wires will pick it up?

More later..


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Or even, what’s useful and relevant to people … but of course, we need to make sure that the choices that we make as content producers, curators or distributors provide some glimpse into our own thinking. Perhaps the best question then becomes, “what fascinates me?”

Comment by Gavin Heaton

I’m really interested in the model of the newsroom. I like it because creating content is part of it’s DNA- and content that is designed to be released on an editorial schedule- daily, weekly, monthly. A newsroom find stories to tell- things that you didn’t know that you were interested in. It brings new perspectives, finds new interests and develops new stories.

To me ‘what fascinates me’ is a very personal question and one that might not allow the newness that will keep both content and searc rankings fresh. I want to explore how we take our communication from a noun (what we name/ what we say/ what we show) into a verb ((what we do/ what you do/ how we roll) What I’m interested in is creating teams and content strategies that answers the audinece engagement questions like ‘what can be involved in’, ‘what’s my part to play’.

I’m particularly interested in the relationship between search, social and content (that creates reations: in the real world in retail or revenue generation, in the social world, in advocates and pass on actions..)

Content can be useful and relevant- but what I’m trying to get to is the structure of a team that can build content that will be passed on, will be newsworthy and can do that on a daily/ agile basis…

Comment by katiechatfield

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Oh yes!- I’d read that Paul and had planned it to be part 2, with some other notions…but well spotted sir!

Comment by katiechatfield

Agree. We’ve just changed our brief to address this sort of stuff. You’ll have to come upstairs some time 🙂

Comment by markpollard

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