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Is it the right chart?
March 10, 2010, 3:08 pm
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How to Pick the right Chart by Amit Agarwal on Flickr found on Swiss Miss

Useful, perhaps, for presenting information- but how are you presenting insight? How are you embedding knowledge? How are you facilitating the transference of ownership of your ideas to your audience?

Now compare that ‘thought starter’ to this:

I love this video of Oliver Jeffers’ process: ‘The pictures define the words and the words define the pictures’.

I wonder what would happen to our ability to educate and motivate one of our most important audiences, our clients, if we stopped thinking about ‘charts’ and ‘decks’ and even ‘presentations’.

What if we thought: ‘story books’?

The purpose of story books are multiple: curated moments between parent and child; almost unconscious educational experiences where children don’t even know that they’re learning to read; and potentially building the foundation of a lifetime relationship with the power of the imagination and the delight of the written word. They live beyond  the duration of the mechanics of reading aloud and they are designed to be retold. Powerful stories you can bring to life years afterwards, in their entirety, and without the book in front of you.

Now those are benchmarks!


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Love it!

Comment by Justine

thanks Justine!

Comment by katiechatfield

Cool Post…

Personally, I much prefer the whole ‘edu-tainment’ thing as well; which I guess a picture book falls under.

Pretty awesome YouTube video aswell; from an ‘video editing’ stand point as well… not just “content”

Comment by Pete Williams

[…] where I first stumbled upon Olver – Great though provoking blog post in it’s own right: ↩ 10. May, 2011 0 […]

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