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February 18, 2010, 3:36 pm
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Love it live

  • Experiential – from Live to LOUD
    • Social media is having an explosive effect on experiential campaigns, creating the potential to multiply thousands of brand interactions into millions.
  • Japanese landscape design studio EARTHSCAPE,  have created a giant travelling human-shaped herb garden. Called Medical Herbman Café Project (MHCP), the garden arrives in shipping containers which convert into a shop and cafe at each location. Proceeds from the shop and cafe are used to build playgrounds in developing countries.
  • For Sony Ericsson’s Hopper Invasion campaign a grid of inflatable ‘hoppers’ were constructed that were each connected to air pump devices. Fans of the event were encouraged to use the hashtag #prompt while tweeting what creative things they would like to do if they had hundreds of hoppers; these tweets triggered the inflation of the hopper grid, resulting in a real-space visualization of online activity associated with the event.

The business of show business


Show Business

· Check out the reviews of some European expos: PLASA for lighting & visuals, audio and motion control; ABBT for theatre tech; ProLight+ Sound

· The staging at the Brit Awards was mind blowing.

o See the versatility of the staging: Dizzee Rascal & Florence + The Machine and Jay Z & Alicia Keys

§ Have a read of the how the 2009 Awards were put together

· Julia’s Bicycle :an online tool to measure a venue or event’s greenhouse gas emissions

· Love the rambunctious jazz cabaret, twisted circus and burlesque performers that create the mayhem at Redbennies in South Yarra


· Sportpong is an interactive physical computer game where the field is projected on the ground and two (or more players) compete in teams. With a ‘paddle’ you hit the ball and try to strike a goal or defend your goal.

· Elie Zananiri’s Big Screams project featured an interactive screen displaying cartoon-like characters, each generated by, and linked to participants, who called into a specific number through their mobile. Each character battled the other participants in a game won by whoever screamed the loudest into their phone, the resulting audio pushing other characters off the screen.

· It may become possible to transform a variety of surfaces into a touch sensitive screen. Displax has created an incredibly thin, interactive film that can be applied onto surfaces both curved and flat.

· faderTouch 3.0, is a portable rear projection touchscreen interface. The display can be viewed from front and rear. Audio visual instruments are programmed in Processing triggering sounds in Ableton Live via MIDI.

· Augmented reality (AR)

o A short film about the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality.

o A t-shirt houses an AR game of Paper, Scissors, Stone.

o 35 great examples of where Augmented Reality and their applications to the commercial and art world.


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