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P.S. Friday
December 11, 2009, 1:30 am
Filed under: Experience

I have a half a library of notebooks that have  acted as drawing boards and kept me company all throughout this year.

My favourite is the one I use on Fridays.

Fridays for me are for compassion and conversation- being there, in the moment, for both.  I’ve been fortunate in this downturn to have the opportunity of a four day week, and all the sums seem to have turned out in my favour. That extra day to play and give back….

Here are some snippets of the conversation notes:

  • (note): expectations are  premeditated resentments (SHARE!!!)
  • (note): what effects/ impacts handwriting on a day-to-day basis?
  • (note): eating wild boar prosciutto with an ex vegan chef talking fish and chipocrates
  • haiku and origami
  • (List): Something fun, funny, relevant, timely. Entertain and Inform. Stuff that matters. Generosity, giving, sharing, real experiences, genuine interactions. Belive in something. Progress+ Passion+Playfulness
  • (coffee morning list): Cognitive Edge/ Dave Snowden, Top 50 Arts videos on YouTube , Rolling Stone interview between William Burroughs and David Bowie, Laurie Lock Lee, Nancy White, Johnnie Moore, Dave Pollard

There’s a lot of organic flow chart diagrams unpopulated with text- empty buckets quickly drawn that I must have been using to explain a concept to someone. They all look completely mad though now.

The compassion scribbles are different. They’re witness to time spent in wards and waiting rooms:

  • (List): scrabble, a bag of furry ears, 2 word dictionary, Julia + Julia

They’re longer, they’re less visual and more first person. The time between breaths. Pen and paper can bind, can help close open wounds.  Reading these notes reminds me how fresh those scars are. Luckily I’m a big believer in scars. They are a map of how you came to be and a measure of who you are.


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