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equal measure
November 23, 2009, 10:19 pm
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In the West Wing episode “Constituency of One” the VP says to  Will:

“I admire speech writers. They have to have the tendency to doubt and the capacity to believe in equal measure….”

and I can’t help but think that these are one of the base pairs in the DNA strands of planners.

I often have people ask if I need to 100% believe in the product I’m working on- or  if  cynicism feeds good work.

Yes and no.

You need to doubt that the problem put in front of you is the one that need solving, you need to doubt that you have enough insight into a group of people of which you are not part and whose behaviour and reactions you’ll need to understand. You need to doubt the ‘known knowns’.

You also need to believe- that what you’re doing can help keep businesses sustainable, can create great culture and good working environments inside of organizations and that the siren call of the manifestations of our entrepreneurial spirits will write the kind of future we’ll want our kids to live in. You need to believe in answers.

As for the balance between the two? All things in moderation- including moderation. Passion will out. Know what feeds yours.

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