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you are more than you think you are
August 4, 2009, 2:59 am
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We are all superheroes.

That’s because science now suggests that we have more than five senses, that actually there are more than 17 senses defined by neural pathways. One of the first to announce we are hypersensorial humans living in a quantum world was well-known scientific psychic Ingo Swann at the United Nations in 1994, yet it wasn’t until 2005 when New Scientist magazine asked, “What would you do with 21 Senses?” that global research findings were disclosed.

Beyond the notion of the sixth sense, or what’s commonly considered intuition, additional senses include everyday experiences such as temperature, pain and balance, while others, a bit more obscure, include proximal, physical closeness; eidetic, photographic memory; and geogravimetric, the ability to sense mass differences.

The reality that we can go beyond the five senses and experience more is joined by the curious fact that everyone is born with a condition called synesthesia. Unlike anesthesia, which means no sensation, synesthesia is where two or more senses are hooked together, so for instance, a person can taste shapes or hear colors. As our brain develops, we lose this neurological ability, however for some well-known artists and thinkers such as Baudelaire, Kandinsky, O’Keefe and Feynman, this ability to intersense colored their lives.

Considering that telematic sensing is the aim of industry and our senses are merely electrical signals interpreted by our brains, and Sony has already been granted a patent that uses ultrasonic pulses to beam information into our heads, the future of gaming and entertainment will no doubt be transformed, triggering everything from whole-body thrill to memory enhancement. Bluntly put, the idea that extraordinary powers are beyond our grasp is over. So go ahead, drape the cape.


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Love this post.

I have for years believed that the X-Men phenomena is not simply fiction and that those characters that have what we consider ‘super-powers’ simply avoided sensory suffocation as a child.

My question therefore is that, if belief in 21-senses becomes mainstream does that also mean that ‘freaks’ as they’re now known will go from outcasts to superheroes? One can hope.

Comment by Lauren Cassar

Thanks Lauren
I love anything that helps us question our perceptions of normal.
Freaks? Superheros? Judgemental and judged- we’re all the same.
And isn’t that the most interesting puzzle of all.

Comment by katiechatfield

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I love capes. One question though do you think we will we be able to throw fireballs anytime soon? Life would be so much cooler if we could just like flame stuff. Especially dumb stuff, like meetings that run over. Clients who are late. Award ceremonies. Endless TV scripts.

Comment by James Sowden

I have enough problems with impulse control already.
I tend to destroy things (timtams, my knees, people’s egos) without meaning to…..
But FIRE mmmm that would be good. And explodey. I’d have to be careful not to set the cape alight, but you would do just fine Mr Sowden.

Comment by katiechatfield

Actually you’re right. Fireballs + shoutiness = big bang. Oh well back to the TV scripts then …

Comment by James Sowden

They let you near the TV scripts now …oh! you are so so everso importante!

Comment by katiechatfield

Isn’t it irrelevant how many senses we say we have? Saying we have 10 senses or 21 or 33 doesn’t change our sensory capacity, it just divides the manifold up differently. By saying you’ve got 15 senses you don’t suddenly become “super dude”, your senses are just the same as they were your just thinking about them differently.
Of course it can be useful to think about things that we assumed we all know in different ways, it helps prevent becoming slaves to our conceptual apparatus. In this sense having additional categories IS a liberating thing, but not if we are simply going to replace one dogmatic conceptual schema with another. If assert 21 or 33 instead of 10 as the real number then we’ve lost the opportunity, because we will simply replace one set of conceptual manacles for another.

Comment by Matthew

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