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Where did the future go?
July 14, 2009, 2:48 am
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I’m musing on notions of “Atemporality”, Steampunk with Metaphysics, brought about by Bruce Sterling at Reboot 11.

While he didn’t use any visualization for this talk.  I just wanted to clarify my own thinking.

I’m deeply in the Favela Chic camp myself….

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I think i will go with Gothic Favela or High Tech Chic or maybe just the image of a Nero-ian character silently fiddling….

Comment by simon

I hope there’s a cape involved in that somewhere….

Comment by katiechatfield

“To live without people one must be either a god or an animal” – Something like that.
One might say the same of a temporal horizon:- a world without some sort of axial character would be unintelligible – it could not be engaged with; there would be no purchase by which to come to grips with it.
The value having character of the world can only unfold overtime in the form of a project. Projects being the unfolding of a value, the doing which constitutes their being.
When time is experienced in terms of the unfolding of projects it is called history.
The question is how do we characterize history as a whole, how do we see the totality of history as the unfolding of a value? How do we judge our own projects in the face of history? How do we conceive of history will both constrain and characterize our own values and the shapes they must have as they unfold. Our historiography is a measure in miniature of all our values.

Comment by Matt


Comment by Daniel Poeira

um…yes…oops! thanks Daniel

Comment by katiechatfield

nice summary.. thanks!

Comment by theliberatives

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