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how do you describe what you do?
June 30, 2009, 11:27 pm
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My lovely friend Luc asked me for a definition of a creative strategist….and I had this in the cupboard.

The embed from Slideshare doesn’t seem to be working properly you can find it here:

What’s This Creative Strategy Thing All About?

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Love it.

Strategy means something different to everyone.

I like your definition – Making something complex simple. I also see it as focusing on what matters.

Comment by Simon T Small

Hey Katie,
Wow, thanks a lot! Didn’t expect a post really, but it’s great to have you perspective on the job. I’ll definitely share mine soon with you (hint! hint!). In the (relative) meantime… I’m on the same wavelength. –
; )

Comment by Luc Debaisieux

Oh Luc- I really did have it in the cupboard and I only took a few of the cobwebs off- no trouble.

Comment by katiechatfield

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