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June 22, 2009, 7:33 am
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I love radio. I love the immediacy and the deadline and the wonderful opportunity of telling a story with the human voice. I had my own show for four years and know exactly what track you need to play to make a cup of tea and make a pit stop. But Ira Glass of “This American Life”, can tell you a lot more than I can on how you can know that you are on your way to developing the building blocks of a great story.

To paraphrase:

You start out doing something (like writing, or making films, or painting)
Because you love the form and because you have great taste
And then you start out doing it for your self- and because you have great taste you know that what you’re doing is not good
It’s kinda crappy
It falls short

A lot of people never get past that stage- they quit

Everyone goes through this stage – its totally normal
Sometimes it takes years to get past it

There’s only one way out of it
The most important thing that you can do -is a lot of work
Put yourself on a deadline
Get someone to expect it, to make you create that output

Don’t miss out on his excellent delivery, wonderful self analysis and the end of his story…it’s part of a series.


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very good post and good blog
hope that you will write more good posts like this

have a nice day

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