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June 2, 2009, 8:53 am
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100 pieces of paper

20 of 100 | RECEIPT, 1992: I’m not telling the actual story behind this one… but I kept this receipt from a coffee shop in Kentucky to remind myself to not be an idiot. Doesn’t always work

This is one of the exhibits in Bill Keaggy’s collection of personal archeology projects, this one called 100 pieces of paper and the stories behind them.

Most of his work focuses on the ephemera of others

I’m a collector. But I don’t like to collect rare or expensive items. I like common stuff. It’s all about seeing the beauty in small things forgotten — about getting a glimpse of some tiny, everyday moment that lives on. With these photos, it’s the simple fact that someone was here before you were, and they had something to say. For one reason or another it got said in spray paint, or scratched or scrawled into something. Then it got left behind.

His photograph collections include sad chairs; unspectacular doors of St Louis; random graf public displays of affection :

It’s not so much vandalism as thinking out loud. Well, in many cases it is vandalism. We see these public displays of affection every day. “I love Sue.” “Amber loves Sean.” “Led Zeppelin rules.” We see them so often that they’re easy to ignore.

But the great thing is that when you do notice them, they can set you to thinking. When I see them, I think that if someone’s going to say something for all the world to see, it’s great that they chose to say “I love you”.

I particularly like his haiku generator to describe what’s for dinner, it’s well worth a play.


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When it comes to restaurant receipts, I always think of this one. I believe you may remember it.

Comment by Gavin Heaton

oh, that does take me back!
hùn luàn
chaos chaos chaos

Comment by katiechatfield

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