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art gives us hope and the power to change
May 21, 2009, 7:11 am
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I’m chewing on this short film  was directed by Azazel Jacobs at Taxi for  MOMA’s Multimedia channel and by  a post over at Eyecube called Public Relations: Not just Trust & Measurement, but Art as well

The film shows that art might not be immediately accessable, that you might need a guide, but once you’ve been shown the path your world view might change. Forever.

Rick Liebling‘s piece expands on this beautifully:

It would be fair to define..(our goals)… as building an emotional connection between consumers and a brand. Certainly not the only definition, maybe not even the most accurate, but not off base either.

Art, in all its forms and by the broadest of definitions, stirs the passions and elicits emotions like nothing else – with the possible exception of love, and that’s the subject of much of the best art.

Consumers don’t want a itemized list of hyperbole and industry jargon, they want a story that captures their imagination.

What was the most memorable image of 2008? It was a piece of art:obama-hope


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Thanks for sharing my post, I’m glad you found it worth adding to the conversation. Speaking of MoMA, I recently wrote about marketing using a Six Flags v. MoMA analogy, you might find that interesting too.

Thanks again,

Rick Liebling

Comment by Rick

Enjoyed this very much – and your whole blog and its magpie collection of inspiring pieces. Keep Gehrying.

Comment by Adrian Glamorgan

wow! I was wondering how to turn Frank into a verb….

Comment by katiechatfield

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