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i could watch this for hours
April 22, 2009, 7:46 am
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Over 300,000 people lined the route of this years Mardi Gras parade, which marched up Oxford and Flinders streets in Sydney’s inner-city Darlinghurst on a Saturday in March.

High quality digital still images are available from every frame of every movie – Please contact the artist via this form if you have any questions about the film.


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Keith’s work is getting all sorts of buzz worldwide. Its incredible in HD, where the detail is breathtaking. It won’t be long before he’s doing the next Sony flatscreen TVC.

He uses a technique called tilt-shift photography, which narrows the depth of focus according to the Scheimpflug principle. When the focal lens is titled beyond the usual 90degree angle (lens plane) to the axis between the subject and the capture device, there’s a slight spreading of the light that passes through the lens sides at extremes of the tilt to the lens plane.

Its a 60 year old technique that, as far as I know, is only now being applied to stop motion by Keith for the first time. Love a simple yet profoundly innovative idea!

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