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the passion economy
February 20, 2009, 4:39 am
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I recently got a message from my friend Sean who was buzzing after having read Saul Kaplan’s article on “Creating a Passion Economy“.

He got inspired ( as he does so well) and was so enamored with this concept that he asked a bunch of peple to weigh in on their views regarding “The Passion Economy” and it’s role or impact on business, brands and each of us.

I want insight into what this idea of a “passion economy” might mean in the context of brands and our lives. Professionally and otherwise.  Or whether this is even a real force in our world.

The result is here The Passion Economy: opportunity for brands or just a fad? (PDF, 2.3 megs)

And now, a round of applause for the contributors:

Scott Suthren
Ellen Di Resta
Gavin Heaton
Charles Frith
Mike Wagner
Mack Collier
Mike Arauz
Alan Wolk
Peter Flaschner
Matthew Milan

……and me! A sneak peak on my bit:

We live in times where there is great need- and vast resources. Some of our greatest needs are a sustainable vision for the future, purpose, quality of life, and sense of belonging. The resources that we have to meet these needs are just waiting to be harvested: the will of everyday people to do good. I have yet to meet a person who does not want to be part a strong community, contribute to a safer, greener and more equitable world and see all children meet the future healthy and well prepared. So why aren’t more resources flowing to needs?

Please read, share this document freely and join in the conversation!


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Damn if you don’t always find the most AMAZING photos for your articles!!! LOVE that image!!!

I am SOOO excited to see this thing finally see the light of day. Thank you SOOOO much for your article in the piece AND your amazing ongoing support of all the crazy things I get excited about. Love you!!

Comment by Sean Howard

I was blown away by it. Of the one or two hours TV I’ve watched in the last 6 months a BBC program on Hokusai was pretty much it, as I watched it twice.

I loved how he came back from adversity and well into his old age was resilient and productive. Although a matter of necessity his was work is unquestionably brimming with passion.

That’s why I was inspired to re blog it. Hope you see it as it’s meant to be. A large compliment.

Thank you 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

Charles- you SO get it!

Comment by katiechatfield

Sean- straight back at you!

Comment by katiechatfield

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