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everyday tales of life in the Aussie blogosphere…
January 24, 2009, 10:55 pm
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Tim Burrowes has had a busy week. He’s been on telly. Mumbrella his blog about “Everything under Australia’s media & marketing umbrella: BETA” has been chockfull of happy clappy (and unhappy slappy) goodness.  He’s been all Warhol like and aggregated and synthesised  us some canned action on the viral video soupy saga that was “The Girl With The Jacket”

The chit chat about this campaign has moved over into some quite heated territories at times. I find pomposity and hubris to be rather astonishing. And funny. And compelling like a car crash is compelling.

And it’s never quite as feisty as when the ‘social media experts’ biff it out with each other.

I reproduce this almost in it’s entirety:

DR MUMBO: Seth and Zac and Laurel and Britney:

Zac Martin is a remarkably young, talked-about Australian blogger. He writes an excellent blog here.

Laurel Papworth is a remarkably grumpy social media stormtrooper. But she writes a writes a very good blog here.

Got it so far? Good.

So Laurel doesn’t like Seth, because Seth doesn’t allow comments on his blog, which she thinks is bad. So Seth tried to be nice, and sent Laurel a lovely message on her blog. But Laurel was mean to him, put her fingers in her ears, and told him she couldn’t hear him. Then Zac stepped in.

Now you can watch this…

It’s just an everyday tale of life in the Aussie blogosphere…


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Wow, that video left me speechless.

As an aside there are indeed many excellent Aussie bloggers (such as yourself of course!) who I’ve made a habit of subscribing to via my Netvibes page.

Comment by Dirk Singer

pffft me? grumpy? Mumbles has been sniffing Zac’s eyeliner 😛

Comment by Laurel Papworth

Despite what Zac says, I’m not convinced that Seth is human. Seth looks kinda freaky. In fact he looks like one of these:

I normally wouldn’t make a personal comment like that except SG seems hell-bent on plastering his freaky visage on everything he produces.

Maybe that’s the secret of his power – he comes from Marketon – The Planet of High-Impact Consumer Comunication.

Comment by Matt Moore

[…] ..from Princess Leia (Chatfield): Everyday Tale Of Life In The Aussie Blogosphere […]

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