Get Shouty

the only thing I’m good for today
November 17, 2008, 4:09 am
Filed under: Great Stuff

Gav knows I keep a wardrobe of fluffy ears at work. I met CK in a pair of particularly fetching ones when we caught up in the very swank Soho House Bar in NY.

They’ve always helped when things get muppety:

  • A situation brought about by a person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything.
  • A situation where a person, who defies explanation with regard to common sense and logic, exhuming an air of confidence that is mutually exclusive to that of their accomplishments or ability, tries to set and steer direction.
  • Any situation when ‘Muppets Ho‘ is an appropriate rallying cry. Boarding pirate ships and setting things on fire or drinking apple martinis come to mind.

Sometimes, it’s just easier (and certainly more fun) to get into the swing of things.

Perhaps amplification might provide illumination.

Perhaps if I’m extra silly and extra muppety, it will help point out gaps.

So, today, I’m joining the conga line of bunny hopping penguins….


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: )

Comment by Katie Harris

(spontaneous response to video)

Comment by Katie Harris

Well, after all – we’re all in the business of standing out and making ourselves memorable, so I can well imagine that works!

Comment by Dirk Singer

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