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take the frickin’ red pill!
November 10, 2008, 7:21 am
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“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back…..You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up and believe…whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill… stay in wonderland…and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Morpheus, The Matrix

When I worked in the music industry there were a number of amazingly promising acts who were offered record deals and wouldn’t sign, because any offer from a label must be suspect. There was an underlying notion that any contract, any foray into written documentation must the start of corporate piracy, and any opportunity to afford an artist a decent standard of living could only come at the cost of artistic licence.

I’m amazed at the number of people who believe that Wonderland is not for them. That they know how deep the rabbit hole goes and only focus on how dark it is, how fraught with danger and moral compromise it is and refuse to take a chance on themselves. Not because they don’t think they can make it- rather the opposite- it’s the fear of what success,  wild crazy world domination success, might do……..

And in that spirit I’d like to share this gem:

(the embed has been removed- but it’s worth a click through)


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(A children’s book is written with a liberal dose of alcohol)

BERNARD: Manny, we are going to be very, very rich.

MANNY: How rich, Bernard?

BERNARD: Ooo: uncontrollably, incontinently rich. See, we don’t need this dirty filthy everyday money!

MANNY: Success will bring problems! I don’t want to wake up in rehab

BERNARD: What problems? We’re on the pigs back charging through a velvet field!

MANNY: There will be pressure for a follow up! People will say that you are the Elephant Balloon guys. It’s been a while: where’s the next one!

BERNARD: Who cares? Who cares what our disgusting public think?

MANNY: Then there’ll be all the houses. You’ll be in your Mustique house you’ll think “Oh no, where’s my designer underpants? Oh they’re in my Kong Hong house.”


MANNY: Then there’s the press intrusion.

BERNARD: The press, will they be onto us?

MANNY: Bernard they’ll hound us, like a pack of hounds.

BERNARD: But I’m not doing anything. I’m just strolling up the beach with my discretely pregnant Brazilian girlfriend. And the boat appears laden with Paparazzo and I’ll say, “You filth!”

MANNY: Filth!

BERNARD: Take a photo of me if you must, but leave her out of it. She didn’t ask for any of this she’s just an ordinary lingerie model.

MANNY: I can’t deal with it! I just want to live in my normal mansion, with my normal helicopter, with my normal yacht. Is that too much to ask?

BERNARD: No. Manny, we must undo this thing.

MANNY: What do you mean?

BERNARD: It has to go.

MANNY: Yeah you’re right Bernard. Its our only chance of living a normal life

(They put the book in a bin and douse it with alcohol)



(They set the book on fire

BERNARD: This is the right thing to do…

MANNY: Mustique probably quite nice but

(They realize what they’ve done….)

Comment by katiechatfield

Katie, I love your perspective on this! I think we see a version of it in our clients too, they catch a glimpse of the brave new world and how things could be different, then opt to avoid it at all costs not because they think it might fail, but because they’re worried it might succeed.

Comment by David Gillespie

[…] Katie Chatfield – Take the frickin’ red pill […]

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ZOMG! Exactly what I was talking about this morning – a great opportunity for a company which shall not be named- but even companies fear success because it raises the bar higher and then there’s pressure to maintain it and live up to expectations. I love the poem by Ingrid Jonker that Nelson Mandela read at his inauguration in 1994 as first democratically elected president in South Africa’s history- its kind of along the theme of having the audacity of hope. “Who are you NOT to be great”- its a waste of human potential to shrink from the barrier of doing something awesome and leave a legacy

Comment by catalystformagic

This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.
Many thanks!

Comment by bouncy castle

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