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time to stop thinking and start drinking
November 6, 2008, 12:15 am
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ME: (A plan to evaluate and gain insight should form the backbone of any holistic brand strategy)

THEM: I really don’t have any idea what you’re talking about

ME: (Walking through the numbers, a simple ROI calculation)

THEM: Nope. Still don’t get it

ME: (Explaining the fundamentals of channel strategy and the process of decision making)

THEM: Look, you have stop with the jargon.

ME:(Championing the role of marketing: message+connection= sales)

THEM: Why would I want that?

ME: ‘…’

(thanks for the gif(t) Pabs)


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Hitting head against brick wall?

Unfortunately, most marketers simply want a tactic. They want an announcement that they can lasso and drag through the boardroom.

And we wonder why so many organisations don’t have CMOs or seats at that same boardroom table. In hard economic times, marketers have to take the strategy bull by the horns … otherwise you end up where we were 10-12 years ago, with marketing reporting through the office of the CFO. And at least some of us remember how uncomfortable that can be 😉

Comment by Gavin Heaton

At the moment I’m expecting to see ROI become even more important, which is why the ideas I’m trying to funnel my ideas through a cash funnel, something that will put value back into the business form the marketing department, not waiting for the sales guys to do their numbers. Not easy, but if we wanted easy, we’d work in Government.

Kate, as an aside I was in a meeting with a brand manager a few months ago and was told – straight faced – “We’re just marketers, we don’t *do* that technology stuff.”

We were of course talking about the client’s website.

Comment by David Gillespie

The problem is, Chatters, no-one can hear you when you talk in parentheses.

Glad I could clear that up for you.

Comment by toddalchin

Thanks for the insight Todd, I was wondering why I was getting a little blue in the face.

My parenthesis seems to be in permanent ink though, can you recommend a good remover?

Comment by katiechatfield

If you talk in marketing gibberish there is a very strong chance you will lose people and, indeed, even alienate them. What’s wrong with straightforward language? I suspect it’s not your ideas people are resisting but the obtuse and pretentious way you express them. A bit of time spent here might help:

Comment by Ted

thanks for that Ted….
I happy to be educated that straight talking link baiters use the word gibberish.

Comment by katiechatfield

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