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October 1, 2008, 8:09 am
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I’m building a presentation about the benefits of tapping into the vibrant thinking community in Sydney- I’ll share that soon.

In my travels, I have found that there isn’t really a site that already aggregates all the event-y get-together-y zeitgeist-y goodness that this fine city has to offer- so I’m going to (as per Gav’s crystal ball) chuck something together so that all this info comes together in a readily available place.

These are the sources I’m looking to- please make your additions!:


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some off the top of my head:

I’ll keep thinking, and good call btw on starting this list up too.


Comment by MarketingMag

Checkout – from Yahoo. Its not very popular over here, but its a good way of sharing events. There’s some odds and sods for Sydney, but not many.

Be good to set something up.

Comment by ben

Here’s the calendar I mentioned above, contains a lot of the events on around town.

Comment by Warlach

Huh, odd, I thought my comment was just awaiting moderation but my second showed up fine.

My first comment just also mentioned the Sydney Twitter meet-ups, which are fantastic venues for the sharing of ideas. The Sydney Twitter Underground Brigade (or STUB, just like the Melbourne one is MTUB, Perth is PTUB etc) holds sponsored events fairly regularly.

More information can be found on at and

Comment by Warlach

I came accross this recently and it has all sorts of events and groups

This one has great speakers (sydney and melbourne)

Comment by cenk

It would, of course, also be remiss of me not to mention

You know, just sayin’


Comment by MarketingMag

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