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ROI= Risk of Ignoring
August 28, 2008, 5:33 am
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A couple of weeks ago B&T asked me this question:

Q: Everyone seems to be wired into the blogosphere as a way of exchanging ideas, opinions and industry gossip. As a senior exec at an advertising agency with virtually no blogging experience, either as a reader or author, am I missing out? Is “amateur media” the way of the future?

A: I’m not convinced that advertising and marketing blogs could be called ‘amateur media’. After all there’s quite a difference between the opinion of a professional practitioner and that of a professional observer.

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and have found the practise to be invaluable; not only to my professional development, but as an introduction to a global community of people and to places that has made my personal life richer too. My online adventures, into campaigns, applications and technology, have been more than met with real world opportunities that have taken me to New York, Barcelona and Marrakesh and have helped create local experiences like Interesting South.

So what are you missing out on? What’s the ROI?
As with anything that’s going on in social media, it’s all about the Risk of Ignoring:

  • As a reader of blogs: Can you afford not to be informed about the latest thinking in your discipline? Can you afford not to learn from some of the brightest minds and most passionate advocates in the industry?
  • And as a writer: Can you afford not to keep a notebook of your online reading? Can you afford not to contextualise and have an opinion on what’s going on in advertising?
  • And ultimately, as an ad-exec: Can you afford not to have experiences that would help you understand people’s behaviour in the social media space?

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Timely and excellent post.

It’s probably a question for many in the marketing industry who haven’t dipped their toes in yet.

And is there an Interesting South 2009 in the works?

Comment by Katie Harris

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