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it was reassuring.
August 27, 2008, 9:32 am
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You know that moment: when you’re on the last couple of days before a pitch, and you’re collaborating with six agencies, and you’re existing on coffee and late nights, and still coming up with great ideas, and trying to work out how you can fit the vision into the presentation time frame, and illustrating the vision so that you can make the complex accessible…..and you just need a sign….

Here it is. Awesome.


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and so darling, was it? Everything ok, I mean? Did you get it? Let’s talk sometime soon- I’m off to London, Amsterdam and a string of places in the US & Canada soon to do research for AMPLIFY, our 2009 Innovation & Thought Leadership Festival. Would you like to run another Interesting South at the same time and borrow some of our speakers? call me!

Comment by catalystformagic

Printed. And on my desk wall. Awesome. Thanks 🙂

Comment by jyesmith

@Annalie…it’s Monday. The first day of Spring. All the planets are aligning. I’ll get in touch re: Interesting South. Woot!

@jye…pleasure treasure!

Comment by katiechatfield

And it always is! Your so right. Its hard to keep perspective in the pitch frenzy. Tell me about it, I’m in it right now. Thanks for the positivity….


Comment by James Sowden

Mr Sowden. Call Me.

Comment by katiechatfield

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