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June 18, 2008, 5:43 am
Filed under: Digital Strategy

I presented this to the APG last night as part of their Ideas Exchange sessions.

It’s a love story, an ode to my favourite digital story teller Marcus Brown.


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oh katie – you have no idea how much i miss marcus brown’s storytelling!
thank you for putting in context – i’m not mad, i just like a good story. ok, so maybe i’m a little bit mad, but i also like a good story.

Comment by lauren

Good stuff Katie. I miss Marcus too.

Comment by neilperkin

Yeah, I’d like to echo those sentiments. Nice to see Marcus’s work profiled like that.

Comment by Will

This Marcus chap seems to get rather alot of attention! Now, if I was him, I would be deeply moved by, and very grateful for this presentation.

But I am not him. Of course.

Comment by John Johnson Jr. III

yes Marcus is greatly missed….

and JJJ3- of COURSE you’re not Marcus. Of course!

Comment by katiechatfield

Just found your presentation via Gavin’s blog. From it, I have a new appreciation for Marcus’s blogs, which I followed closely and now also miss. (Yes, I voted for Boney M.)

Your slides make me realize that there are not many unique, original storytellers out there. We are all enriched for hearing their stories, though, even though it’s often hard to pinpoint exactly how.

Thanks for this! 🙂

Comment by Kristin Gorski (KG)

An official thank you for this young lady. I’m honoured.

Comment by Marcus

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