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Breathe. And don’t wobble.*
May 29, 2008, 7:31 am
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I was told the most beautiful story by Rachael, my new right hand gal at work, today. We were sitting in the sun and sharing stories, as we’ve just moved into our new offices and the place is still a bit of a construction zone. No access to servers. No access to the Net. So we chat.

We’ve spent the morning in the company of champions. Our GM is off to compete in some triathlons in the States and the guys he trains with are Olympic and Commonwealth athletes. Peter Robertson shared his theory on winning with heart (Health. Enjoyment. Attitude. Recovery. Training.) and one of his health tips is to make sure you get enough sun. Australians have taken the sun smart message a little too seriously and there is a bit of a country wide phenomenon of Vitamin D deficiency.

The new building has loads of natural light and the sun carves in and paints the room with reminders of our environment all day. I am absolutely dependant on the sun to shine myself I have to agree how important solar power is. We both remark on the smiles we see across the space even though the place is in chaos. There’s a new energy in the team.

We discuss how ‘from little things big things grow’ and how such a small practice like 15 minutes of meditation a day can so significantly change your life. Rachel tells me of a heart meditation “the inner smile”. This practice reminds her that we can open ourselves, open our hearts to happiness, embrace the warmth around us and shine light into the world.

Heart. Sunlight. Energy. Smiles. Openness.

I’m feeling very grateful. It feels like an auspicious start to a new place.

* thanks Wade 


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Hi Katie,

At home, and now the penny drops. Waiting Room Tweeting is hard to follow.

I’m getting warm and fuzzy just reading about your real world, open communications. Sounds like a great environment to be working in and around. Really happy to read the progress.

Of course, I totally agree with Rachael. My whole life has transformed and opened as a result of meditation. Great to see a quote from my presentation “stuck” with you.

/me giggles at you posting my flickr video here, unexpected. Weather rules 🙂

Thanks again.



Comment by Wade M | TheMiddleWay

Serendipity! It’s a bit of a closed loop: I was tweeting about the storm yesterday and was so pleased that you had captured not only the front that also caught my eye but also the excitement of the storm.

Comment by katiechatfield

Yup, meditation sure can work wonders. Haven’t done much silent/passive lately, but have practiced active meditation through exercise – really makes the time fly; but takes practice.

Comment by Mario Vellandi

I think Wade is radiating for us all. This morning he was sending me calm and excited vibes. Weirdly I had just mentioned feeling better then I saw his tweet. I think he may be freaking me out.

Comment by Gavin Heaton

Another reason to love blogs, I get to keep up with my friends halfway around the world! Glad your new workspace is filled with sunshine and warmth!

Comment by Mack Collier

Hi Katie,

It was good to chat earlier, I thought I would drop in and not just lurk. I even started a blog here, though my first is only half finished.

Check it out though 🙂

That is shockling that you moved in and have no net/server access yet! My last major project at my previous job involved migrating our three Sydney offices into one big new site in just one weekend with no downtime.

On a tight budget, so we could not duplicate servers or anything, we had to reuse the old ones, old computers, etc.

And we did it, although they did promise me a nice bonus, which they later screwed me out of 20% of.

Hmm, that will have to be a later blog.


Comment by itandy

Oh, there is no link to my blog!?

Is it called blog-dicking if you link here?

Some people would say that it is only fitting that I start off that way anyhow 🙂

You did guess that I am an extrovert, right?

Comment by itandy

thanks guys! I am digging the heart meditation. Hey, maybe they should teach that in pre-school or at least 1st grade elementary schools 😉 cheers!

Comment by Aronado

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