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Happiness Hacking
May 23, 2008, 7:40 am
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I’m reading Stumbling on Happiness at the moment and it’s introducing me to some great ideas, and prompting journeys where I’m meeting new people. I’m loving Jane McGonigal who says in this presentation that ‘happiness is the new capital”. Check out her Year In Review for more  o-my-gosh  ‘helping to forge the new future’ type out takes.

She has a new mission statement in her work as a game designer — the goal of using new scientific research on well-being to develop technological systems that actually improve quality of life. If you need a quick crash course in well-being research, she recommends two places: All of the great field-building positive psychology work done by Martin Seligman at U Penn, and the work by Allister McGregor and other to look at well-being in developing countries at the ESRC Research Group.

She taps in to the cognitive surplus and the connectivity that can be built into games to generate some inspiring experiences:


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Hi Katie, Stumbling on Happiness is a great book isn’t it 🙂

Dan Gilbert was recently out for the Happiness Conference. ABC’s National Radio recorded a panel discussion, on which, Dan’s one of the speakers, on the topic of happiness. It’s a very short and enjoyable discussion.



Comment by Wade M

Thank you Wade! Woot!

Comment by katiechatfield

that very intersting!

Comment by fiony

Thanks for linking me back to hear again Katie.



Comment by Wade M

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