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So whatta ya going to do?
January 21, 2008, 9:21 am
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In Australia, we know. We know we’re going to run out of fresh US TV content as a result of the writer’s strike. We have between 3 and six month grace. And then all those expensive spots simply dry up. Disappear.

So what advice are you giving brands as a result? What alternatives are you giving client for when people really can’t find anything interesting/new to watch on the box? When the TV spend doesn’t have a stranglehold on the budget?

People, of course, still want to be entertained. And brands have an amazing opportunity to show they understand people. Brilliant. Opportunity.

My ‘why not?’ recommendations right now:

  • Create family moments for family meals: provide gift with purchase value adds such as DVD’s and board games. Let your packaging point to online to sign up for the latest content offer news.
  • Storytelling and narratives can be interactive and engaging- and non linear and prompt discussion. Check out the recent work for Lost for the precursor and then go to Think about where soap operas came from in the first place.
  •  Use the time to listen. Use this time to learn. Who knows….perhaps once the audience turns away it might just not come back.

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Nice one Katie. The advice we’re giving our clients is that it’s not longer about content being king. Sure it’s great to have branded entertainment but online I’m expecting to be engaged. Will we see a gold rush of brands going online due to the writers’ strike or will business be as usual? After all “There’s nothing to see on TV” isn’t a new phrase.

Comment by Tamir

[…] whilst we’re busy considering how to manage the drying well of TV content, it seems we can’t even rely on celebs from other quarters of the industry to […]

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“‘There’s nothing to see on TV’ isn’t a new phrase”


Comment by Sean Howard

And what about books? The first time I visited Australia, the country was known to be the biggest book buyers per capita in the world.

Comment by waltzingaustralia

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