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December 13, 2007, 7:22 am
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Thank god powerful speeches like that can get a global audience.

Comment by Todd


Comment by Gavin Heaton


And I had the PERFECT content schedule all lined up for the week. So much for that. This is definitely going up.

Comment by Sean Howard

Powerful, speach, but as someone who was in ISrael during 9/11, I have to say, this woman is sadly mistaken.

I saw Palestinian children dancing in the streets on 9/11 while we cried.

I was on a bus in the West Bank a month or two later that we shot at by terrorists.

I was down the block from a bus bombing a year and a half later. I helped the wounded, saw civilians run onto burning buses with no personal protection in effort to save their brothers. On the way home, I passed an Arab home that was having a party while we cried.

I do not pass judgment on a people by the acts of the few. I do not pass judgement on individuals bec of their race of religion. But this woman is sadly mistaken in her passion.

As a NYer and a Brooklanite, she cannot relate the situation in Gaza and the West Bank. When Israelis pulled out of Gaza, the local population went EN MASSE and burned down the synagogues. I have seen the video footage first hand. I have friends in the army who have been sniped at while delivering humanitarian aid.

This woman is a passionate speaker, but she has to learn the facts. I was over in college is Israel on 9/11. I saw the parties at a nearby Arab Village. While we prayed for the wounded, their music and festivities drifted across the road.

We ran to holy sites to pray for those victims. I am sure that there were Arabs that did the same. But by my own account, this was not the case.

As I walked away from that bus bombing, crying and just beginning to take stock of the trauma I had endured, the Arab taxi that tried to pick me up was blasting music. I waited for another cab.

Comment by Jon Burg

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