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December 10, 2007, 6:59 am
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This is my current best explanation for what I do without using the words ‘advertising’ or ‘consumer’:

Identify stories and experiences that will  help connect brands with the people that will increase the brand’s value.

I first used ‘create’ to describe the stories and experiences, but in our content creation environment it is much more accurate and flexible to describe how those stories and experiences can be identified without necessarily being proscriptive about who actually makes them. This also means that you’re not limited by what you can produce, and can actively seek what fits the brand messaging best.

I’m also enjoying exploring the increased territory of ‘the people that will increase the brand’s value’. So often there are messages that need to be created for internal and external stakeholders that might not necessarily be people who buy your product at a cash register.


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I’m loving that word – experience. The future of marketing is going to involve a lot more experience oriented marketing and a lot less advertising/brandvertising.

Comment by Jon Burg




Keep changing my world, Katie!!!

Comment by Sean Howard

thanks guys!

@Sean- try as you might, you won’t be stealing that Tourette’s Award from me any time soon!

Comment by katiechatfield

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