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Saving grace
December 6, 2007, 1:33 am
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One of the recent highlights of my time spent in Morocco was an adventure into the Little Sahara- trekking on camels under the stars, sleeping in a Berber tent and generally feeling the powerful symbols of the desert.

We arrived at Zagora at sunset after driving over the snow capped Atlas Mountains- a long day’s journey into night. We were then put on the back of camels and lead into the desert. There are more stars in the African sky than I could ever have imagined. And my mouth-open amazement at this glittering canopy kept me amused for hours while I tried to learn the gait of the creature that was carrying me. I still have the scars.

Every now and again a Land Rover would blind us with light as they crossed our path. I came to understand the importance of darkness. How often we overprivelage light to illuminate us and turn away from the knowledge and insight that a curtain of darkness can bring. You could miss a million stars by only looking at the light.

Darkness comes in many forms. We had darkness manifest itself in a person, and as Rumi might say:

i don’t need
a companion who is
nasty sad and sour
the one who is
like a grave
dark depressing and bitter

a sweetheart is a mirror
a friend a delicious cake
it isn’t worth spending
an hour with anyone else

My new friend Eli, a delicious true mirror who exhibits enormous courage under pressure, brought to life to me one of my favourite quotes: “Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength”. His ability to keep both his feet on the ground in the midst of a dark hurricane, with wry good humour and a compassionate ability to see all sides brought me enormous comfort in some difficult situations.

There is a cost that must be paid for grace, but because the recipient of it’s gift can only see an effortlessness it is not often perceived. Sometimes you need darkness to truely appreciate stars. And so I am thankful.


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Aw, you’re making me blush here. 😀

But I’m very glad I could be there with you.

Comment by Eli

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