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November 22, 2007, 12:58 am
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Well Interesting South is finally here. A team have put together a conference, not about brands, advertising, blogging or twitter but a wide variety of interesting, unexpected, original things. We’ve found 19 fascinating people and asked them speak for 3 or 10 minutes about something they care about. We want to replicate the experience of clicking from one really good blog to another, ranging across sciences, arts, music, jokes and whatever. The idea is to be informal and fast paced.

I´m in Madrid right now and have had to put together my presentation remotely- a strange scenario of very late nights in a Bangkok hotel, food poisoning, Skype phone calls and the very kind help of my friend Tim.

It´s completely sold out which is great and we´ve also just got an email from the guy who runs TED and they may want to post some of the videos to their site which is pretty cool too.

I won´t be able to be there and see it live, but I will be able to see the night through the eyes of all of my friends, which just might mean that I get a more accurate 360 degree view of proceedings . Running events means that you´re ‘on duty’ all night and that, in combination with having a speaker slot would colour my own perceptions considerably. Now I get to see the night through a friend’s eyes, a colleague’s eyes, a speaker’s eyes, a sponsor’s eyes and through fantastic Emily’s eyes.

We will be giving you all an opportunity to check out the interestingness in the very near future as we´ve arranged a sponsor for hosting. I´ll let you know when it’s live.

UPDATE ME PLEASE! Gavin? Emily? Matt? Tim? I need the goss!


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Hi Katie,

You would have been so proud to see how all the work culminated in a 200 strong sell out group of thoughtful, friendly, engaged and interesting people gathered in Bondi Pavilion to absorb what the diverse group of speakers had to say. If there was one central theme – it was to highlight and extend our humanity. Everyone I met on the night was working on their own passion project and an open and collaborative way – there are plenty of potential speakers for the next one.

We’ll have the videos online hopefully over the weekend so you can see for yourself!


Comment by Ian Lyons

Thanks Ian!
I´ll have to contact Emily- I think my wee piece on Fluency should be up on the site but there´s nothing there yet….

Comment by katiechatfield

It certainly was a great night. Lots of energy and excitement. I am looking forward to seeing some of the videos myself (as door bitch I missed the first few).

Comment by Gavin Heaton

A week later I’m still talking about the event. It was so satisfying to listen to presentations that extended ‘threads’ of perception, thoughts and conversations from varying real people and their lives. It was so homely, I felt like I’d stepped comfortably into a dear friends house, and had the kind of robust conversation that leaves you feeling energised and contemplative at the same time. I’m looking forward to the next one already!

Comment by Tereasa Trevor

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

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