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on the road again
November 15, 2007, 5:35 pm
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I wouldn’t have thought that after a 9 hour flight to get to Bangkok that I would be quite so energised on arriving at my destination. And I wouldn’t have thought that I would have an anecdote quite so soon, but here you go…

It’s about 4 am in Sydney. It’s been a long day but I’ve finally arrived in Thailand and was having a chuckle at how easy it is to get me to follow a total stranger and get me into a car. All you need to do is hold up a print out with my name on it pretty soon after I get through the arrival gate at an airport. It doesn’t even matter if the sign implies that I somehow got married on the flight without knowing- I will still hand over my suitcase to someone who says they’re here to collect me.

Sam, the lovely driver in question, had more delights waiting for me in the car than a bottle of water and a frosty hand towel (it’s way past midnight and waaaaay hot).

Karaoke. Yep, in car karaoke. With a list of AM radio sing-a-long hits, a microphone and a video screen with follow the bouncing ball lyrics and cheesy videos. What a hilarious way to be the midnight traffic jam in Bangkok.

You see Sam and I can’t really chat about our day and fill time in what (if you let it) could be stressy circumstances. So we don’t let it. Delightfully, we both know all the words to ridiculous girl pop anthems: Dancing Queen, Material Girl, Physical…. And we sing them. Loudly.

This is no time to be cool.

Best. Cab ride. Ever.


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Katie — Hilariously insightful on the airport pickup. We become sheep when somebody has a piece of paper and a marker. Also, that cab karaoke experience sounds like a trip.

Can’t wait to see you at Blogger Social 08!

Comment by Matt Dickman

Let’s see THAT on YouTube!

Comment by Gavin Heaton

@Matt- I’m looking forwad to it too!

@Gav- no one really needs to hear me sing. I can share the video of you dancing if you like!

Comment by Katie Chatfield

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