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Social currency
October 23, 2007, 2:28 am
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Why the focus on trash mags and reality TV? What’s the payoff?

Gossip is the twenty first forum for telling stories. Celebrities become protagonist archetypes that navigate modern morality tales.

Gossip unpacks understanding of people and their motivations.

Celebrity and reality drama gossip allows a neutral platform to display these understandings- each member of a gossip group can increase social currency and achieve social consensus ‘safely’ through the discussion of people they’ve never met.


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Right on the money!

I have just written a Honours thesis looking at how people use social currency through Facebook.

Comment by Julian Cole

Hey thanks for visiting Julian.
Facebook is a great way of creating and distributing digital ‘merit badges’ and increasing and deepening the profile of an individual within their network
Social currency can be generated in alot of ways-and what I like about the notion is that the value of an exchange is entirely set by the individuals involved in it. A heads up about a social justice application on will have varying degrees of value to the different tribes in your network but all will receive increased knowledge about the values of the individual that has subscribed to it.
Gossip, of course, is not only passed on digitally. It is a commonly known narrative whose elements can be picked up, retold and traded as a neutral conversaton starter.

Comment by katiechatfield

Neat to think of gossip in a social and beneficial context.

Now… about those trash mags at the checkout counter… 😉

Comment by Sean Howard

Have you read Bourdieu (Sociologist) theory of class? It suggests that people gain their social class through 3 forms, economic (money), social capital (how many friends you have), cultural capital (which can be what is valued by your field or friendship group; etc some apps on facebook bank on this like the redbull rooshambull which is paper scissor rock between friends which ranks you among your friends.

In my thesis i related his thesis to Facebook and suggested that a profile acts as place for exchange.

Sorry I am harping on now.

Comment by Julian Cole

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