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September 25, 2007, 11:38 pm
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With the election coming up there are a number of campaigns running to agitate some agenda setting on tackling climate change. And there are a number of advertisers me-too astroturfing.

The independent Climate Institute  launched a $2.5 million campaign, tackling climate change through the eyes of an intuitive nine-year old. It will be the biggest advertising campaign ever by an Australian climate or environment non-government organisation.

By comparison Pilot Pens have launched a new range of pens made from recycled materials. Rock on. They’ve launched a campaign called Make a Scene. On the front page of Yahoo7. Cheap (not) :

Putting our money where our mouth is
For every 100* people who register their email address below, Pilot will purchase a Carbon Credit to offset 1 tonne of carbon emissions**. So tell your work colleagues and friends about Begreen and encourage them to join us in making a positive scene for our planet. 

* Limited to first 5,000 email addresses received.
** The carbon credits will be purchased from an organisation registered under the NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme

2.5 seconds of research shows that the cost of a tonne of carbon emissions is currently trading at $6. So Pilot are willing to invest $300 in the environment to get a database of 5,000 email addresses. Wow. Applaud the sentiment but donating 6c for an email address doesn’t seem to me to be a message worth waving a flag about…

Perhaps if the pens were used to write up a storm….or if Pilot linked through or supported the initiatives already on the table, or just wasn’t so naff with their over claim I wouldn’t think they deserved a raspberry.

Does anyone have examples of brands really getting it right in this space?


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Most of the brands I know treat green like a fashion more than a real concern.
I like what Greenpeace is doing engaging their users with the energy saving [r]evolution taking people on a learning curve that actually makes you feel good. (even if you’ve given up after step three). I guess the goal for brands is to create a real community and real change.

Comment by Tamir

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