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September 19, 2007, 9:51 am
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Don’t you love it when your beta testers take your brand outside of it’s safe and self referential environment and show your stuff to the world?

Thanks to Sean and Gavin for spreading the word about the new bellamyhayden blog.

The rationale behind a blog for the agency was inspired by Peter Williams, who heads up  Deloitte and is one of Australia’s thought leaders in online, mobile and emerging technology. I saw him speak last year and apart from being a shining light and beacon for intelligent enthusiasm, calculated risk taking and just going berserk at your job he gave me a fabulous outtake (and I paraphrase)

  • the more IP you have outside of your firewall the stronger your brand will become

He spoke again today at the iMedia conference and basically set the room on fire- it was as if he was a Pied Piper for innovation and if he had said ‘follow me’ one hundred people would have quit their job on the spot. Anyways….

I work in an industry where most people play their cards very close to their chest- and not only between agencies, it’s quite common internally in agencies too.

When I started working at bh I noticed that the team here write brilliant, interesting strategy for their clients on a daily basis and as the digital director I might have been the only person to see the entire range of  work across the agency.

This strategy takes the form of stories and is translated into charts that bring to life insight in a compelling and visual way.

I wanted the team to recognise that what they do is  unique- and the design of our website is to recognize and celebrate what we do, and allow us to share our work and our thoughts about our work with each other.

The design rationale behind the site is ‘digital footprints’:

  •  allow users (the team and our clients) to follow some of our thought pathways (either in a blog post or a case study)
  •  and see some of the journeys that we have taken in order to get to that pathway (our or our pageflakes reference section).

So, fundamentally it’s about Knowledge Management- sharing the success and thoughts of the team. This is my brief to them:

I’m sure that once a month (at least) you will

  • have created a chart that you’re proud of and want to share with the team 
  • have found a piece of research that you have an opinion on that is relevant to all of us
  • have had a client success that you’d love to share
  • remember that a post can be as simple as saving a chart as a .jpeg and posting it to the blog with a title and perhaps a bit of a voice over.

It will be a challenge to get the team’s uptake but I’m sure they are all more than up for it and I look forward to the conversations that they’ll inspire.


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Katie, very, very exciting news. You have tremendous content on the site and it’s fantastic to share it. Congratulations!

Comment by C. B. Whittemore

[…] of my favourite quotes about our current gift economy is: ‘the more information your organization has outside of […]

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