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coming of age
September 17, 2007, 2:22 pm
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So I’m here in the Hunter Valley for the iMedia Connection Summit. We’re two and a half hours north of Sydney deep, deep in the wine region of NSW. It’s green, green in a way that we haven’t seen in years. That’s what a flood will do for you.

I’ve been in the Australian digital industry for a while now. It’s awesome to see a whole bunch of people coming of age- people I’ve worked with, people I respect, and of course, people who I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire.

The opening address concentrated on the potential of the internet- wot a wonnerful medium, it is. Yawn. The speaker was addressing the top 80 digital thinkers in the country. People who eat the internet for breakfast. People who create tomorrow today. People who understand that the internet is no longer a wonderful idea- but a place where wonderful ideas can happen. Disappointing.

 Had some fantastic conversations with the crowd. The ever brilliant Jen from Tribal had some very insightful thinking on mobile ad serving and the resposibilities of educating clients and the ever charming Peter, from Clear Blue Day was a gracious host.

More tomorrow. This is dial up. Ouch.


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But he did have a wonderful, flowing head of hair,

Comment by Mr tomorrow

I don’t know how many of you boys had hair envy over the last couple of days, but it does seem to be a pretty large topic of conversation!!

Comment by katiechatfield

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