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Mobile messaging
September 13, 2007, 6:38 am
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I’ve been recently asked by a client if mobile will ever be considered a serious channel by marketers…

Right this minute the mobile phone is bigger in its reach than the car, TV or internet.

Already in China, Japan and South Korea the majority of internet access is via mobile phone. In total over 750 million people access internet content via a mobile phone today

The Communities Dominate Brands post Putting 2.7 billion into context puts forward some great stats: There are 800 million cars, 850 million personal computers, 1.3 B fixed landline phones, 1.4 billion credit cards, 1.5 billion TV sets and at the beginning of 2007, 2.7 billion mobile phones. That’s three times as many mobile phones as automobiles or personal computers. About twice as many mobile phone owners as those of fixed landline phones or credit cards. And almost twice as many mobile phones are in use as TV sets.

Australians love their mobile phones and there are more than 16.5 million mobile services in use in Australia, according to the Australian Communications Authority (ACA). We spend, on average, an hour on the mobile phone every day and 35 minutes of that is spent texting

It is inevitable that the mobile phone will become an important part of the communication mix. While the Australian telco’s walled gardens and premium content focus have restricted advertising innovation, the times are changing.

It’s important to keep reminding marketers that they are in the message delivery business. The ability for marketers to deliver timely and targeted messages to specific audiences is one reason that media planners still knock on the telco’s doors. This, in addition to the mobile phone’s ability to provide a procrastination destination and information a service for the 3.5 million people browsing the mobile internet in this country, means that there is a large and growing opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers by using this channel.


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“We spend, on average, an hour on the mobile phone every day and 35 minutes of that is spent texting”

Not sure how that compares to use in the US and other countries, but 35 mins texting out of every hour of use sounds staggeringly high. Interesting.

Comment by Mack Collier

Aside from when I’m browsing the web on my phone, the last thing I expect to see is any kind of marketing/advertising directed at me there. I don’t want text message offers from companies I don’t know telling about things I don’t care about. My service provider does this occasionally and it bugs me to no end. If they come up with a No Texting law to prevent marketers from spamming, I’ll be the first to sign up. I’m encouraging you to advise your clients that mobile messaging as a marketing tool is a really bad idea.

Comment by Dave C.

Thanks for your comments guys.

@Mack- we love our SMS messaging, especially younger people- check out the linked article for all the info.

@Dave- I can’t agree. The mobile couponing projects I worked on in China were both enormously successful and well received. Koreans tend to spend a lot of time social networking through their phones and appreciate branded mobile tokens to help facilitate this. More people in the Asia Pacific region browse on their mobile phone than through a PC- the web is the web no?

Your point seems to me to be about interruption and context rather than the medium itself- and is a good point to make. We all hate bad advertising, but that’s no reason to dismiss a growing messaging channel because you haven’t experienced a great campaign. I hate pop up and page take over ads on the internet, but I can’t agree that I don’t want to have have relevant messaging sent to me in the medium that I mostly choose to use.

Comment by katiechatfield

and I recently learned that in South Africa 25% of the population does their banking by mobile phone. Wow.

Comment by katiechatfield

[…] number of people have expressed their amazement at how much Australians love to […]

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