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School’s out and in
September 10, 2007, 9:18 am
Filed under: Zeitgeist

I’m a big fan of Continuous Learning and I need to feed the fire of my insatiable curiosity with great regularity or I get anxious (or bored, same-same).

One of the many things I’ve learned is that one of the best ways to really clarify knowledge is to try to bring it to life for someone else, which also brings to life this little gem I found on the tiny public school in Bourke St:

  • Teaching is the greatest form of optimism.

Matt has recently commented: ” increasingly, being a professional will be less about doing the work yourself (although that should never go away) and more about showing amateurs how to do it good themselves. In effect, we all have to become teachers“.

I love the teaching part of my role- it’s tremendously rewarding to see the lights go on and I’m committed to creating pathways to understanding (it’s not so ronely then). I’m optimistic that I’m not actually speaking martian to marketers and that I have the ability to create a common language, and I learn more with each success I have in creating comprehension.

For me learning and teaching are the warp and the weft  that allow you to see the cloth of the future.


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