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Do the happy dance
September 5, 2007, 2:28 am
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Come on boys, we need to dance, we have got a good chance.
Lay your problems on the floor, clap your hands and sing once more:

Everybody, lets go to the king,
We can dance there, dance and eat an ice-cream.
Everybody dancing all night long,
Try to do it, sing a happy song.

Music, dancing in the night, we can get so high,
For no reason no long stop, nows the time to go to the top.

Its a sweeter happy song, well sing all night long.
Lay your problems on the floor, clap your hands and sing once more:
Everybody, lets go to the king,…

I’ll be eating ice cream  and doing a happy clappy dance with King Marcus (or the Kaiser as we all know him) in the smack down challenge between Boney M and The Smiths championing the side of disco and mirror balls over the shoe gazing dis chordal down beat wailings of Morrisey.

Charles, Gavin and Sean are already in-will you join the challenge? Get in contact if you’d like to be involved- there’s a secret clubhouse and everything!


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Is the Happy Dance something different from the Dance of Joy? Or the eloquent Dance of Shame?

Comment by officehair

Well- I think it’s both. It’s Chiq Ironic.

Comment by katiechatfield

Wow. that is one PAINFUL video. lol!

Comment by Sean Howard

Yes, but the ice cream makes it go down alot easier….

Comment by katiechatfield

[…] knows its true. As does Gavin. Katie as well. And Marcus started it. And Andrew could not be more wrong. Bring on the multi-week Smiths […]

Pingback by Canuckflack / Ra Ra Rasputin will make Morrissey his b*tch

I don’t know why. But I just watched this again. And there’s no ice cream in the world that makes it go down easier. 😉

Comment by Sean Howard

Perhaps you like it when it stops?

Comment by katiechatfield

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