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Sydney:the current home of T.W.A.T.s
September 4, 2007, 11:41 am
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Today I was woken up by the sounds of tow trucks removing the cars that had the temerity to park on their own street during APEC. It seems that it’s vitally important that my entire suburb become a clearway as there’s a bunch of T.W.A.T.s in town.

I’ve worn that out all day. The. War. Against. Terror. While not all twenty-one world leaders are here are responsible for the current climate, one great city has five million citizens locked out as a result.

What have they done to my beautiful Sydney? See the Flickr set here. There’s a 5 km wall that’s been constructed to fence of the harbour and the opera house, and travel is so restricted that it’s been decided that it’s simply easier to close the city down.

I do hope the situation doesn’t get any uglier than it already is. Don’t forget that the presumption of innocence of protesters has been suspended for the duration of APEC, and all the periodic detention cells have been cleared in advance of all of the presumed influx of violent ratbags.

There’s a Twitter group that will update you if the police try out their shiny new water cannon. Breathe deeply everyone.


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I think its time our ‘leaders’ listened to this growing voice of discontent.

Comment by Charles Frith

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