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August 30, 2007, 4:04 am
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Antony Gormley: Bubble matrix, arms and legs bent and apart 2007

When I worked in the music industry I used to have to present each week’s product to the sales team. They would be unusually attentive. At the pub I asked one of the guys what was going on, and learned that I have a bit of an unusual talent. I could predict a top ten song.

I have strong, immediate and visible reactions to things that I think are brilliant, that I think will work. I get  goosebumps.

It’s really useful in brainstorming and allows me to filter and process information really quickly.

The better the stimulus the more intense the reaction I have. If it is very beautiful and true then I have a tendency to burst into tears.

Here are some things that have recently made me well:

  • Paul Potts singing Nessun Dorma
  • Antony Gormley’s bubble matrix work- these huge sculptures are a balance of delicacy and strength that continue to reveal insight on human shape and form
  • And this:
    • Be grateful to those who have hurt or harmed you,
       for they have reinforced your determination.
      Be grateful to those who have deceived you ,
      for they have deepened your insight.
      Be grateful to those who have hit you,
      for they have reduced your karmic obstacles.
      Be grateful to those who have abandoned you,
      for they have taught you to be independent.
      Be grateful to those who have made you stumble,
      for they have strengthened your ability.
      Be grateful to those who have denounced you,
      for they have increased your wisdom and concentration


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Wow – George Soros knew he was going to make money when he got backpain, you know you’re getting art with goosebumps.

My intuitions aren’t that reliable (or profitable) but I often “feel” an answer to a question before I can articulate it. For me it’s not so much tactile as a spatial thing. I feel that the answer is “over there”. This means I tend to wave my arms about a lot. When I am thinking hard, it’s best that all fragile objects are kept out of harm’s way.

Love the Bubble Matrix stuff BTW…

Comment by Matt Moore

Ahh a synesthete…

I too am guilty of trying to wrestle concepts from the air….

Comment by Katie Chatfield

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