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Procrastination or productivity?
August 21, 2007, 11:14 am
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I’m a big fan of Facebook- I’m mad about the open source nature of its apps. I’m a champion of random encounters with past acquaintances and silly exchanges with people you’ve just met and I love the instantaneous social clusters it generates…

Like this one by the clever clogs team here in the middle of some blog jousting on innovation:

  • Name: kick a campbell  
    Description: if you see rob campbell he needs to be kicked

Or this one formed to support my favourite local coffee guys:

  • Name: The Single Origin Roasters Appreciation Club
    Description: This group is for all that share the same love of Single Origin Roasters coffee! Please feel free to share your story/experience of this amazing coffee roasting house in Reservoir Surry Hills, who in our opinion serve the BEST coffee in Sydney! 

And in response to the research that has widely reported that the site is costing Australian businesses $5 billion I’ve heartily subscribed to this one:

  • Name: The Church of FaceBook
    Description: Hell is other people – Jean Paul Satre
    This is religion ‘lite’, you get all the benefits of belief without the guilt and worship is as simple as logging into Facebook
    Here’s a summary:
    1. No more guilt.
    2. Idiots should not be running things.
    3. No restrictions on Facebook in the workplace

I was up for a very shouty piece on what total bollocks this article was but Matt, as usual, has said it first and much better than I could in his post How Facebook will kidnap your children and 3 trillion dollar ransom:

Using their rigorous scientific methodology, I can predict that coffee will cost Australian businesses $20 billion. Seriously, if 3.2 million Australian workers (say 4 from each of the 800,000 workplaces in Australia) spend approximately one hour a day drinking coffee with each other (about the same time the Facebook obsessives are on there, degrading themselves) then that means that coffee is four times as damaging to the Australian economy as Facebook.

It’s great to know that the generation that is leading our country to economic ruin isn’t that pesky GenY group of layabouts but, as Businessweek says, Fogeys Flock to Facebook:

 ” older users are behind the recent traffic surge. In June, 11.5 million of the individual visitors to the site were 35 or older, more than double the number a year before, according to market researcher ComScore Media Metrix. The 35-and-up crowd now accounts for more than 41% of all Facebook visitors.

I’m a big believer that the more rounded the individual, the more connected they are to the community at large, the more interests they have,  the better the perspective they can bring to their work.

I think what’s going on is that we have a pretty dedicated work culture where eating lunch at your desk is the norm and the notion of a watercooler conversation, or a tea break has gone by the wayside. Australians work longer and longer hours and face increasing commuting times, all which lead to social isolation. It could be that the more mature you are, the more you might manage your time and productivity with micro breaks throughout the day to feel connected and replenish your energy.

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Oh thanks for given the ‘Kick A Campbell’ group a plug, I’ll be too frightened to walk the streets soon.

And the person behind this wonderful community?

My bloody business partner. Doh!

Comment by Rob

Oh Rob, you don’t strike me as a wee timorous beastie- I did see that you got your own back though!
I’m not sure if it’s a community more than a social cluster formed around a micro event. I’m also pretty sure it’s a joke more than a call to action.
Or have you noticed that strangers are attacking you in the street more than usual?

Comment by katiechatfield

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